Senso Lighting

SENSO is a leader in the Canadian market of LED lighting technology. They design and manufacture innovative fixtures that are adaptable to a huge variety of commercial applications. Their website features a custom web app which allows their agents and customers quickly analyze all possible product configurations for their entire catalog.

As their internal Web Developer and Lead Graphic Designer, I also manage their digital and print marketing strategies. Everything from sourcing blog articles and updating site banner images, to designing and printing all their brochures, catalogs, and trade show banners.

Calgary Safety Council

The road can be a dangerous place, for bikers more than any other vehicle. Calgary Safety Council is a non-profit organization that provides motorcycle training to new and experienced riders.

Their long running history gives them the experience they need to keep our streets safe. It also means their website needed a bit of a facelift. They came to me for a website redesign. Because of restrictions with their hosting provider, I needed to construct a new simple jQuery framework for better content update management.