Specialized Configuration Catalog

Fully Customizable Product Configuration System

This plugin lets you set up a catalog on your website for products that are highly customizable and require specific ordering codes. It can handle anything from a simple service package selection with a few options, to a complex product configuration system including hundreds of different elements for each product. An adaptive system lets you add additional or repeating fields to further customize your resulting ordering codes so they integrate easily with your other business systems.

A variety of documents are presentable for your configured products

Provide Organized Documentation For All Your Products

With products or services as complex as yours, you need detailed documentation to address technical features and limitations. This plugin provides some organized documentation directories for each product that are easily activated and labeled in the WP dashboard. This lets you offer your customers easy access to things like installation guides, specification sheets, instruction manuals, or anything else you need.

The configurator also allows your customers to download a PDF copy of the product or service that they have configured. Making it easy for them to attach it to their purchase order for your reference.

You Can Use The Configurator For Almost Any Variable Product Or Service.

Below you can see the Specialized Configurator hard at work transforming my graphic design, development, and marketing services into configurable packages. Feel free to export any package configuration to a PDF and sent it to me for a free quote!

Product Catalog