The Game

The Great Gold Rush was a concept game, where players would be guided on a story driven adventure throughout their home city. They would decipher clues, learn about the cities history, and visit landmarks, in hopes of being the first one to uncover the treasure at the end of the adventure.

The Plugins

Although the project eventually collapsed, several plugins were developed as tools for players to discover and decipher clues.

Below are a couple examples of these tools as they were by the end of the project. These plugins work best on a desktop device.

table with scratch marks

Look for symbols carved into the table above. Use the keyword "PASWORD" to decode the message.




The App

The website version of the game was scraped, and the owner decided to focus on an app, which would be more accessible to users on the go.

I put together a detailed document, outlining the purpose and functionality of every aspect to the app, as well as designed graphics for every screen.

app beside desing and functionality breakdown document 5 screen designs from the app