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    Specification Grade Linear Luminaires

    For architects, lighting designers, and contractors seeking specification-grade architectural lighting solutions, Luminii delivers thoughtful lighting options including unique one-of-kind designs, completely outfitted luminaires, and architectural modular systems and components. With a critical eye on every detail from conception to installation, we’re not just servicing projects, we’re helping them achieve their full potential.

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    Modular Strips and Components

    Our team of lighting experts is passionate, creative, and a visionary partner that takes the success of a lighting project just as serious as you do. Our architectural grade module systems and components are uniquely designed around the requirements of the specification and lighting design community tailored with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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    Specification Grade Directional Luminaires

    Calgary-based Senso Lighting is now part of the Luminii family, enhancing the portfolio with specification grade directional lighting products that include: recessed, track, display, surface, and pendant fixtures making Luminii’s range of product offerings broader to support a wider range of lighting projects and applications. Architects and designers now have more options to specify Luminii, giving them the tools to merge form and function beautifully.

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    Flexible LED Strip Lights & Luminaires

    iLight Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer and leader in innovative LED illumination solutions that transform, excite, and energize corporate identities and architectural environments worldwide. LEDs are the fastest-growing segment of the light industry today, and in five to ten years promise to bring the lighting world various new options to replace older and less energy-efficient technologies. Reimagine any space with flexible LED strip lights, factory bendable luminaires, and handrail lighting systems from iLight by Luminii.

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    Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) Light Products

    PURIFII™ by Luminii eliminates 99.98% of airborne viruses, pathogens, and bacteria in 10 minutes or less — including COVID-19. Sleek, stylish, and safe to operate in high-traffic spaces, the germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) light products support healthy environments 24/7.

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    Commercial LED Lighting Products
    When You Need Them

    When time is of the essence, we’ve got your back with our value-add series of commercial LED lighting products, including LED strips, channels, and power supplies. Featuring short lead times, Express products are 100% field configurable and have the added benefit of being assembled onsite using our FLEX CONNECT™ system when variables of layout flexibility and when run lengths cannot be determined in advance. It's commercial LED lighting made easy.

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    precision lighting

    Precision Lighting is a British manufacturer with a proud legacy of collaborating with architects, lighting designers, interior designers and end-clients to deliver architectural luminaires and lighting systems that represent a fusion of optical excellence and aesthetic appreciation.

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    remote control lighting

    Remote Control Lighting

    Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL) is the pioneer of remote controlled motorised architectural spotlights. With over 18 years experience and over 100,000 fixtures installed worldwide, the family-owned British company produces luminaires that are intelligent, reliable and efficient.

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